WP1 Strategy definition for master programme ENERESE


This WP.1 will present an overview of representation of RUE in EU and WB universities. The assessment of future needs and trends in implementation of RUE in WB economy and universities will be reported. On the basis of aforementioned reports a special package of learning subjects will be developed to enhance the admission of potential BSc in engineering of different specialities as well as a part time students individuals within companies, organizations, and authorities who are engaged in planning, operating or evaluation of renewable energy projects or who are involved in financing, promotion, legal licensing of facilities for the use of renewable energy or environmental issues.

With this master program the participants will acquire knowledge and competence for:

  • planning with regard to the use of renewable energy,
  • economically and technically expediently operating plants for the use of renewable energy,
  • assessing technical and economical opportunities to use renewable energy.

Participants should  obtain knowledge on the frameworks of European laws and directives as well as on national legal provisions and goals in WB partner countries. The programme will be designed to be comparable with the similar programmes within European educational area.