WP2 Development of new restructured Master study programme


The completion of the two years Master programme (120 ECTS) has to be done. This new programme will replace an existing one year Master programme at SUNP (Energy efficiency in buildings) by restructuring and enhancing it for application at all WB partner universities. The draft of curricula and the development of main course outlines with Diploma supplement have to be done to ensure harmonization with European Standards. Students have to gain additional skills, such as management, professional communication, usage of professional software packages in their work, dealing with modern technologies and ability to handle professional communication in English. It will enhance their employability and help them to take a proper place in WB society. It is very likely that such professionals will become highly competitive on the local and regional labour market. Students will have the choice of two modules of technologies to specialise in (1. Energy efficiency in buildings and RES and 2. HVAC and hybrid systems using RES).

A common mode for both modules have to include subjects related to civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering as well as to the subjects devoted to environmental science and technologies and management skills. Previously developed set of electives in 1.3 will uniform level of knowledge on RUE. The detailed programme will be prepared in coordination between WB and EU partners, based on specific areas of interest, expressed by WB partners. WG composed of lecturers in similar discipline from WB and EU partners will work jointly for drafting course outlines. Each WB partner university is free to add to its syllabus some topics of its choice, as long as the learning outcomes are respected. Special set of electives will be developed for masters to continue with the improvement of their skills in the rapidly changing field of RUE. A workshop will be organized at the beginning of the second project year dedicated to these issues.