WP3 Methodology improvements for new program



The teaching staff retraining programme is planned (Activity 3.1). The selection of teaching staff  will be carried out at the beginning of second project year. The teaching staff from six WB partner universities (2 lecturers and 2 teaching assistants from each of them will participate in a two weeks retraining seminars in the EU during the second project year and all of 12 lecturers and 12 teaching assistants will be equally distributed over all EU partner universities). During their training periods in the EU, the WB teachers will attend courses, tutorials and scientific seminars/conferences on specific topics included in the master curricula. At their return in WB, the trainees will have to write a report on the activities realised and knowledge acquired abroad.

The preparation of teaching materials has been planned. The retrained teaching staff have to produce corresponding textbooks to make possible more efficient study. The required course material will be prepared, and a procedure for updating course materials put in place. 12 new textbooks will be prepared, reviewed and printed each in 100 copies in Serbian language (Activity 3.2).

The infrastructure at WB partner universities has to be improved to support innovation in teaching methodology, using IT and new laboratory equipment. The procurement procedures have to be defined. Purchase of materials and books according the procurement procedure and installation of purchased equipment have to be done. The new lab exercises have to be developed and corresponding lab manuals have to be written. 

Critical review of the needs for new equipment required to upgrade  laboratory experiments will be done. Lab equipment will be installed and integrated with existing equipment. Purchase of  new contemporary books for WB partner libraries (20 books for each of WB university) (Activity 3.3).


Equipment purchased for ENERESE project

List of purchased books


Responsible SUNP staff  for equipment

Responsible UB staff  for equipment

Responsible UME staff  for equipment

Responsible UN staff  for equipment

Responsible UNIBL staff  for equipment

Responsible UNSA staff  for equipment