WP5 Quality control and monitoring of master study programme


Quality control of master programme study will be conducted regularly and systematically through self-assessment and external verification of quality. At the  beginning of the project realization the expert counsel will be established from 6 WB partner universities members and 2 members from EU partners. Quality control and monitoring of project activities and results will be performed continuously throughout the whole duration of the project. These activities have to be done in coordination and close cooperation with quality assurance offices of consortium members. To assure quality control and monitoring, creating of written documents about every project activity will be performed in accordance with the best practice and quality plan, designed according to ISO 9001:2008.  Different aspects of QA in this project will be controlled and monitored (quality of outcomes, stakeholders and users satisfaction with the obtained results, quality of management and financial management) by EU partner's peer review of teaching materials. Necessary questionnaires for the students, teaching staff, stakeholders related to the QA of ENERESE programme have to be developed by expert counsel in coordination with QA offices at WB partner universities. Statistical assessment of the questionnaires has to be done by QA office of WB partners. Representatives from partner institutions shall perform the everyday monitoring of work plan realization in the close cooperation with the contact person of applicant organization, Students’ Parliament, as well as with the representatives of non academic organizations and building societies. All deliverables will be evaluated, their quality tracked and improved if it is necessary. Those activities will be coordinated at experts counsel and coordination meetings.