WP6 Dissemination of the project results


This WP.6 has important task to disseminate project results during the life time of the project, as well as after the end of the project duration. The planning of dissemination activities has to be done. The project Web site has to be set up and maintained during the whole project period. In this way, knowledge created during the project realization will be highly usable for the target groups. It is of essential importance that all of the consortium members provide information needed for online databases, adequate by its form, content and relevance. The project newsletter will be also regularly issued. The use of local and national press and TV will be used on the occasion of promotional and informative sessions, kick off and final project conferences as well as during the workshops and info days for potential students. The primary target group for ENERESE project are the building sector and enterprises in HVAC and hybrid systems. Their specific benefit from this project is that educational institutions will deliver highly trained and educated specialists, capable of thinking in an interdisciplinary way and operating in multidisciplinary teams in order to design advanced integrated and sustainable energy concepts for the built environment. Except the dissemination through existing channels also  the dissemination through branch organizations and through umbrella organizations and associations will be used. Apart from that, the project results will be presented at the annual meetings and conferences of the relevant professional associations (Serbian association of engineers, traditional RES conferences, association of Architects, association of professionals for green building materials etc).