WP8 Project management and coordination


Project management will be split up in three sections:

  • Project Management Team (PMT),
  • Project Coordination Team (PCT) and
  • Project Secretariat.

PMT is the major decision-making body of the project and is formed by the Coordinator and Consortium members contact persons from WB and EU partner universities (in total 10 members). PMT will be focused on how the project is progressing in terms of expenditure, use of resources, implementation of activities and the delivery of results in order to achieve defined goals of the project. PMT and will systematically collect, analyze and use relevant information about project progress. The project coordinator will work closely with the representatives of institutions to ensure the project is running as efficiently and assuredly as should be. The main tasks of coordinator are:

  • The overall co-ordination and direction of project.
  • Monitoring the European Funding;
  • Look after the rights and duties of all partners involved;
  • Look after the adequate implementation of the projects regarding the rules of the EC;
  • Report and liaise with the EC;
  • Day to day running of the project;

PCT will consist of representatives of all WB and EU consortium members (in total 14 members) and will meet once a year. It will be responsible for monitoring, leadership, controlling of project progress and coordination of project activities realization (curricula preparation and implementation).

The financial Manager will be responsible for the expenditures within the project and the monitoring of the EC funding and spending.

Project Secretariat will have the following tasks:

  • Organization of meetings and assisting the participating educational institutions;
  • Organization and overhead activities such as plenary meetings;
  • Central budget registration and guarding;
  • Progress reporting towards EC.


Monitoring by NTO offices: