Exploatation of results

Exploitation of project results and project results sustainability in period after its finalisation are very important issues in the successful project management and involves all consortium members. One of the focuses of the project will be to develop activities which will ensure a reliable platform during and after the project period. Certain activities are planned for the implementation and continuation of this restructured and modernized pilot study programme after the end of the project duration. At the academic and institutional level, the project has already been supported by all state Universities from WB partner countries, which will give not only institutional, but also staff support, and are a guarantee that the project will be sustained beyond its initial duration. Financial sustainability of the project can be secured mainly through long term cooperation with the Ministry of education in WB partner countries where the master study programme has to be accredited and as such be recognized and financed for the next period of five years. The process of study programmes accreditation started 4 years ago in Serbia and will start in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro recently. Also certain enterprises in WB partner countries have significant interest to have trained and qualified HE work force in the field of RUE. There are number of practical steps that will be taken in order to affect selected target groups in order to achieve project sustainability like workshops and meetings with active participation of entrepreneurs, Ministries and government bodies and other different professional organizations.
Also certain measures have to be taken to develop appropriate feed-back mechanisms to measure and maintain student’s satisfaction keeping operational the on-line platform for on-line publishing of teaching materials.