Working group meeting at UB-FME (06.03.2013)


The working group meeting for the formation of a unified curriculum proposal ENERESE for RS universities

Date and time of meeting: 06.03.2013., 10.00h.

Place of meeting: Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (MF), Kraljice Marije 16.



  1. Prof. Dr Ćemal Dolićanin, Coordinator, SUNP- Novi Pazar
  2. Prof. Dr Božidar Stanić, Vice coordinator, SUNP- Novi Pazar
  3. Prof. Dr Vlastimir Nikolić, Dean FME- UN, contact person
  4. Prof. Dr Gradimir Ilić, Associate DeanFME- UN
  5. Prof. Dr Maja Todorović, FME-UB, contact person
  6. Prof. Dr Šumarac Dragoslav, SCOE-Beograd, contact person
  7. MSc Bojan Kovačić, SUNP- Novi Pazar


  1. Considerations of the proposal of a unified curriculum ENERESE for the WB partnersin the RS.


We considered the proposal submitted unified curriculum ENERESE for WB partners from RS. After extensive discussions adopted a comprehensive proposal for a unified plan ENERESE forWB partnersfromRS.


Note made by: Prof. Dr Božidar Stanić