Minutes from FREIBERG


Tempus JPCR 530194-2012 Meeting– Minutes

Host: TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany

Date: 07-08th April 2014

Present:Coordinator Prof. Dr Ćemal Dolićanin(Novi Pasar), vice coordinator Prof. Dr. Stanić Božidar (Novi Pazar), Rector Prof. Dr Miladin Kostić (Novi Pazar), Prof. Jan C. Bongaerts (Freiberg), Prof. Petar Gvero(Banja Luka), Dr. Gordana Tica (Banja Luka), Darija Gajić (Banja Luka), Biljana Antunović (Banja Luka), Prof. Dr. Gradimir Ilić (Nis),Prof. dr Vlastimir  Nikolic (Nis),Prof. Agis Papadopoulos (Thessaloniki), Prof. Dr. Maja Todorović (Belgrade), Branko Marković (Belgrade),Prof. Dr. Samir Dolarević (Sarajevo), Prof. Sašo Medved (Ljubljana), Marianna Sustiakova (Zilina, Slovakia), Prof. Dr. Maja Đurović-Petrović (Belgrade), Dr. Ciril Arkar (Ljubljana), Prof. Dr. Radenko Pejović (Montenegro), Prof. Dr. Dečan Ivanović (Montenegro), S. Mladen (Montenegro), Nicoleta Gurita (Freiberg).

Session 1:

Review of 1st project year activities

09:00 Words of welcome by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Carsten Felden, Dean of the Faculty for Business Administration, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, by Prof. Ćemal Dolićanin, project coordinator, State University of Novi Pazar, and Prof. Jan C. Bongaerts, Director of the MBA IMRE Programme.


Božidar Stanić: presentation about the progress of the 1st year project and the sessions of the day.

Current status of each Work Package has been reviewed:

  1. Work Package 1 (WP1.) is completed and reports on each sub-step of WP1 are available at the www.enerese.np.ac.rs website.
  2. WP2 regarding the completion of the master curriculum and drafting course contents and teaching materials has to be finished by 15.10.2014. 15 students from RS and UME started the joint study programmeon November 2013.Completion of new master curricula has to be finalized in BA
  3. WP 5 Peer review of teaching materials by EU partners has not started yet.
  4. WP 6 Marketing activities regarding new master programme and information sessions in all WB     partner countries have to be intensified
  5. WP 7 financial sustainability of ENERESE is achieved through the accreditation. Enhancing      universities & enterprises links in WB have to be intensified

09:40 End of Session 1

Session 2

09:50 Project activities in the 2nd project year

Božidar Stanić: presentation about the  2nd year project activities:

  1. WP3, WB partners teaching staff training at EU did not started yet. Upgrading labs and libraries at WB partners did not start yet.
  2. WP4, selected lectures for students by EU experts, selected lectures by retrained WB teaching staff, and practice for the best students at EU partners represent activities which have not started yet. EU partners to prepare a list of possible topics for the selected lectures. 3 professors from EU partner universities ( Jan Bongaerts from TUBF, Sašo medved from UL  and Agis Papadpoulos from AUTH will present compressed lectures at SUNP in Jun 2014).
  3. WP5, new report has to be prepared related to QA activities in the second project year. Peer review of teaching materials by EU partners has to be done after completing teaching materials. Conducting student’s surveys in June 2014 in RS and ME.
  4. WP6, marketing activities regarding new master programme to be intensified at academic and non-academic institutions, for example through distribution of leaflets. A round table on impacts of ENERESE on RUE in WBC has to be organized. Information sessions on Information days have to be organized at each WB partner country in Jun 2014.


10:25 End of Session 2

Session 3

11:00 Financing and writing reports

  1. Follow up of project expenses: 26.26% spent till now. Equipment purchase will allow request for further 30% of financing. Each WB partner universities have to prepare a list with the necessary equipment as soon as possible.

Further steps for the ENERSE Project:

  1. 22 - 23 September 2014: planning of the next meeting of the ENERESE Project Status in Thessaloniki
  2. 2014: Planning of two weeks training visits by 1 teacher, 1 teacher assistant and 2 students for practice from WB partner universities to EU partner universities.

11:30 End of meeting