Minutes of Working group meeting at UB – FME

The working group meeting related to the new list of necessary equipment for WB academic partners at ENERESE project

Date and time of meeting: 17.05.2014., 10.30h.

Place of meeting: Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (MF), Kraljice Marije 16.


  1. Prof. Dr Ćemal Dolićanin, Coordinator, SUNP- Novi Pazar
  2. Prof. Dr Božidar Stanić, Vice coordinator, SUNP- Novi Pazar
  3. Prof. Dr Vlastimir Nikolić, Dean FME- UN, contact person
  4. Prof. Dr Ivan Ćirić, FME- UN
  5. Prof. Dr Maja Todorović, contact person
  6. Asis. Prof Dr Milan Ristanović, FME-UB
  7. MSc Bojan Kovačić, SUNP- Novi Pazar

Due to the heavy floods representatives of BA and ME universities were unable to participate to the meeting.


  1. Development of new complete list of necessary equipment for WB partner universities.
  2. Election of Tender commissions
  3. The letter to the EACEA to approve new list of equipment


The first proposal of submitted equipment lists were considered. It was concluded that the lists from RS and BA universities are acceptable but UNIBL proposal has to be more elaborated where  the list from UME has to be significantly changed.


Joint tender commission for the purchase of equipment for SUNP, UB and UN partners was elected

1.    prof. dr Vera Nikolić-Stojanović, SUNP – Novi Pazar

2.    prof. dr Stanić Božidar, SUNP – Novi Pazar

3.    MSc Bojan Kovačić, SUNP – Novi Pazar

4.    prof. dr Gradimir Ilić, UN – Niš

5.    prof. dr Maja Todorović, UB - Belgrade


When the new list of equipment will be completed coordinator has to require from EACEA to approve it.

The meeting was closed at 12.00.

Note made by: Prof. Dr Božidar Stanić