Budget and cost effectiveness


The budget has been carefully planed in order to achieve projected results with minimum budget for all 14 partners. Budget and cost effectiveness in this project are planned on the basis of assigned recommendations for 5th call at Tempus IV applications. Staff costs and travelling costs are planned according to the expected activities of consortium members in the project. The approximately almost uniform distribution of planned activities among Western Balkan partner Universities is reflected to the budget distribution. Increased staff costs are proposed for SUNP due to the significant project management tasks. Equipment budget is proportionally directed to all WB partner universities where the master programme has to be implemented and some laboratory exercises have to be upgraded at their laboratories. The best available price will be achieved by purchasing low cost items as they have to be used mainly by students for lab experiments. Equipment purchase will be realized on base of joint purchase. The Grant Applicant will be responsible for equipment purchasing, where it will ask for three or more suppliers for quotations. Printing and publishing costs will be used for new developed textbooks, printing reports and presenting the project results to the partners as well as to a wider academic community and labour market organizations. The same relation between planned activity and budget allocation is applied in the case of EU partner Universities. P&P costs are realistic and rationale compared to number and level of various promotional materials. The necessary financial agreements have been foreseen for the transfer of budget money from SUNP and other consortium members. Detailed records will be kept to satisfy both the stringent reporting requirements and financial audits. 



Direct costs    
1. Staff costs 192,012.00  Cannot exceed 40% of the total eligible direct costs 
2. Travel costs and Costs of Stay  152,553.60   
3. Equipment 158,110.97  Cannot exceed 30% of the total eligible direct costs 
4. Printing and Publishing 18,660.00   
5. Other costs 5,700.00   
Total Eligible Direct Costs 527,036.57   
Indirect Costs  36,892.55  Flat rate funding of 7% of the total eligible direct costs or 0.


TOTAL ELIGIBLE COSTS 563,929.12  Must equal total project finance below
A Tempus Grant Requested 507,073.12  Cannot exceed 90% of the total eligible costs 
B Co-financing 56,856.00  Must be at least 10% of the total eligible costs
TOTAL PROJECT FINANCE (A+B) 563,929.12  Must equal total eligible costs above